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Hampton City Schools 2019 Renewable Energy And Materials Science Workshop Series

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Hampton, VA
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This project was made possible with funding from the Arconic Foundation. Arconic Foundation’s mission is to support non-profit partners who advance STEM Education and Workforce Development in Arconic communities. This is the second time that Evansville has been a location for an Arconic workshop with CE.  CE co-planned with workshop with Hampton City Schools in order to align with their new 2018 Virginia Science Standards of Learning and provide a launchpad for their summer curriculum planning.

Two separate groups of teachers attended on June 17 and June 18, 2019. The first day of training focused on Elementary teachers (2nd-5th grade) while the second date was geared toward Secondary teachers (6th-12th grade).  For each day, activities and curricular models were selected that best adhered to the structure laid out by their new standards, as the district noted that they would like to experience as many types of activities as possible in order to inform their summer planning and select specific activities moving forward to pursue. On the first day, Elementary teachers explored basic circuitry, solar cars, and simple wind energy engineering. On the Day 2, Secondary teachers worked with in-depth circuitry with data collection, battery science, and energy fundamentals.  On this second day, the workshop utilized a new materials science lens to frame the activities, a new component developed for this second round of Arconic workshops.