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Wichita Falls

Teacher Champion:
  • Anne Le
About the School:

On June 7, 2019 18 educators came together to explore renewable energy concepts through inquiry and hands on investigation. The workshop was hosted at Region 9 Education Service Center, where educators go for professional development and curricular resources. The day began with a brief presentation from an Arconic representative who provided an overview of Arconic, career connections, and opportunities available to Wichita Falls area teachers and youth, such as the TAME (Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering) Program. In total 18 educators from 15 different schools and 11 districts came together to collaborate and expand their understanding of renewable energy in the classroom. The wind energy investigation was extremely relevant for teachers as there is a lot of wind energy present in Texas with the potential for more, which provides a local and relevant phenomenon for students to begin building connections in their STEAM investigations.