Cost Effective Solar Cells: Titanium Dioxide Solar Cell Construction and Testing

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  1. Students will construct titanium dioxide coated “raspberry juice” solar cells
  2. Students will test titanium dioxide coated “raspberry juice” solar cells under various conditions


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3 hours

This lesson is designed to be completed in two 80-minute sections. The teacher will show a basic procedure and video. The teacher will facilitate the construction of Organic Dye-Sensitized solar cells on coated glass plates with Titanium Dioxide. A fume hood with outlets for electric hot plates must be used for the first part of the construction. On Day 2, Teachers will facilitate final solar cell treatment and solar cell testing indoors and outdoors. Teachers should be knowledgeable of the Titanium Dioxide / Berry (anthocyanin) solar cell electron transfer mechanisms.

  • Day 1: Introduce procedure and bake titanium dioxide onto coated class slides
  • Day 2: Further treatment of slides, assembly of solar cell, and testing
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See Lesson plan for full chemical list