Cost Effective Solar Cells: Unique Solar Cell Construction & Testing

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  1. Students will construct their unique solar cells
  2. Students will test unique solar cells
  3. Students will revise procedures based on solar cell testing results
  4. Students will re-build and re-test solar cells
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This lesson is designed to be completed in four 80-minute sections. The teacher will facilitate the construction of unique solar cells for student projects. General chemistry equipment and fabrication equipment will be needed for student construction and testing. The teacher will facilitate student note-taking and celebrating failures. The teacher will encourage students to take photos frequently to document progress and the upcoming Engineering Report in Lesson #14. Lesson #13 can break up the 4 construction days and allow students to share out obstacles and receive audience feedback. Teachers will facilitate solar cell testing indoors and outdoors. This lesson can be expanded or contracted in day number based on student progress.

  • Day 1: Construction #1
  • Day 2: Construction #2
  • (Optional Sequence) Lesson #13
  • Day 3: Construction & Testing
  • Day 4: Construction & Testing
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