Cost Effective Solar Cells: Unique Solar Cell Engineering Report

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  1. Students will format solar cell data into tables and graphs
  2. Students will draw conclusions based on testing data
  3. Students will construct an engineering report in a research poster format
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4 hours

This lesson is designed to be completed in three 80-minute sections. The teacher will have students write their engineering reports with the following sections: Introduction (taken from Lesson #10), Design (incorporating the model from Lesson #10), Methods, Results, and Discussion. The teacher has students design research posters for a hallway display or a poster session, using the engineering report and photos taken throughout the unique solar cell construction and testing.

  • Day 1: Engineering Report #1 (Introduction, Design, and Methods)
  • Day 2: Engineering Report #2 (Results and Discussion)
  • Day 3: Engineering Report #3 (Citations, Acknowledgments, and Poster Formatting)