Fuels and PV Cells

Fuel Inquiry Poster
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  1. Students explore the conservation of mass in chemical reactions by observing and modeling combustion reactions and exploring the essential question/phenomena, “is all fire the same?”

  2. Students will use information resources and a 3D model of a PV cell to understand how solar modules generate electricity. “How do PV cells make electricity?”

  1. Students will construct circuits to explore PV modules and variables involved in powering devices.

  2. Students evaluate, revise, and justify the energy resources suggested on an emergency preparedness supply list. 

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Students will return to the phenomena of energy resources to support safety, health, and comfort in an emergency situation. They will distinguish between how common materials provide energy and develop an understanding of how the atomic and molecular structure of the resource differs and leads to different optimal applications of the resource in an emergency situation. Students will evaluate, edit, and justify the items on an emergency preparedness supply list as a summative assessment. 

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
3-Volt, 1A Solar Module
Other Material(s) Used:
Candles, glass jars, small can of Sterno, Metal containers, thermometers, timer, ring stand, battery radio, alligator leads,