How might we design a battery that reduces e-waste? Phenomenon and Exploration

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1.Students will learn about the phenomenon of e-waste through online resources to explore the history of electronics.

2.Students will ask questions and define problems involving the environmental impact of electronics and human impact.

3.Students will evaluate and obtain information about electronic waste from online resources such as news articles and videos.

4.Students will learn (or review) knowledge of circuits to design a model and explain how a circuit works.

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2 hours 40 min
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During this introduction lesson series students will explore the guiding phenomenon to understand e-waste and connect it to battery design. Students will utilize online resources to learn about problems from e-waste around the world and the environmental impact of electronic consumption. The focus will be for students to ask questions, define problems and communicate information about e-waste. Students will read articles and define problems about the planet and human impact and review circuits to prepare for further exploration into electronics and battery design for the next lesson portion.

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