Introduction to Drag and Drop Coding Using Scratch

Sphero SPRK+
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  1. Students will understand how to properly order basic blocks of code to program simple functions.
  2. Students will determine the steps needed to debug issues in block programming.
  3. Students will devise methods to achieve basic animation-focused block programming tasks.
  4. Students will combine music and animation to create music videos and simple games using block coding.
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10 hours
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Students go through a series of exercises and projects/challenges to gain familiarity with coding, specifically with drag-and-drop coding. Students will look at Scratch, a free introductory computer programming language, which focuses on creative computing. After working on a few Scratch drag and drop programs, participants will transition to Sphero Edu (formerly Lightning Lab), a comparable drag and drop program for Lesson 2 to prepare to program a Sphero SPRK+ ball to navigate through a maze. 

Other Material(s) Used:
Scratch Learner workbook, computer or tablet