Introduction to Electromagnetism

Electric Current Induction
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1. Students will demonstrate energy transfer through space using electromagnetic phenomena.
2. Students will design a model that demonstrates that a current-carrying wire can induce magnetism.
3. Students will define and build an electromagnet.
4. Students will demonstrate electromagnetic induction.

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3 hours 10 min
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Through a series of goal-oriented activities and research, students will build physical models that demonstrate the interactions between magnetism and magnetic fields as well as interactions between magnetism and electric fields. Students will be challenged to engineer devices that: change a magnetic field using electricity, creating a magnet using electricity, and inducing a changing magnetic field using a magnet. This lesson is suitable as an introduction to electromagnetism for various purposes especially for electricity generation (wave and tidal power, hydropower, wind power, and fossil fuel electricity generation).

Other Material(s) Used:
• (1) 25 centimeters magnet wire • (2) Alligator clip test leads • (1) Foam cup • (1) 3 inch by 5-inch index card • (1) 9-volt battery • (1) Rare earth magnet • (1) Piece of sandpaper