Introduction to Energy

Energy Transformations
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• Students will be able to name and describe at least 5 kinds of energy • Students will be able to identify and explain simple energy transformations

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2 hours
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This lesson will introduce students to each of the different types of energy using PowerPoint slides, partner activities, and hands-on experiences with different kinds of energy including: batteries (chemical), electrical circuits (electrical), motors (motion), speakers (sound), vinegar and baking soda (chemical) and magnets (magnetic). Finally, students will examine how energy can be transformed from one kind to another. This is suitable as a stand-alone lesson.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
3-Volt, 1A Solar Module
Other Material(s) Used:
Student sheet, pack of energy transformation cards, 1.5v lightbulb attached to battery, magnet and paper clips, small electric motors, module attached to motor, battery charger, paper cup with marbles, electric heater, electric radio