A Simple Circuit (Lesson 4)

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Mike Hellis
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50 min
Learning Goal(s):

Students will be able to draw a simple circuit, label its parts, and show the direction/path that current is flowing.

Relevant Common Core Standard(s):
Relevant NGSS PE:

Students make a hypothesis about how a set of materials should be connected in order to make a motor spin. Through guided trial and error students are led to the idea of a circuit as the proper way to connect the materials in order to make the fan turn.

Science Kit Material(s) Used

1.5-Volt 500mA Solar Module

Other Material(s) Used

Copies of “Solar Student Worksheet Part 4: A Simple Circuit” and “Solar Student Worksheet Part 5: Circuit Discovery” • DC motor with a fan or small strip of paper attached to it  • Light source, such as a shop light to power solar module

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Solar Circuit