Solar SPRK+: Final Challenge and Presentation

Sphero SPRK+
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  1. Students will combine SPRK+ programming with the construction of a compatible chariot in order to guide their SPRK+ “Mars rover” to carry solar panels to a charging station.
  2. Students will present a final project to the class that summarizes their knowledge about the scientific background knowledge tied to this project as well as their design and testing process.
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8 hours
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In this lesson, students will navigate through a maze using their SPRK+ in order to reach the solar charging station.  Students will redesign their chariot in order to meet the needs of this new maze in order to carry their solar panels to the charging station, providing energy for their rover to continue working.  Following the completion of this maze challenge, students will present their work in a final project analyzing their engineering design process and what they learned about solar energy and mars rovers.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
2-Volt, 500mA Solar Modules
Other Material(s) Used:
Student engineering notebooks, light source, constructed maze, Sphero SPRK+, micro usb to alligator clips, computer or tablet, SPRK+ chariot