Solar SPRK+ Lesson 2: Sphero Edu Coding

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Deb Frankel
Intended Grade Level(s):
Subject Area(s) Covered:
Estimated Activity Length:
5 hours
Learning Goal(s):
  1. Students will use block programming and Oval Language in order to make a SPRK+ perform a variety of motion-oriented tasks.
  2. Students will combine motion and sound functions using block programming and Oval Language.
  3. Students will track useful pieces of sequence code that they can reuse in order to get their SPRK+ to navigate a lengthy maze.
Next Generation Science Standard(s) Met:

After working on a few Scratch drag and drop programs, participants will transition to Sphero Edu, a comparable drag and drop program for Lesson 2 to prepare to program a Sphero SPRK+ ball to navigate through a maze. 

Other Material(s) Used

Scratch workbook, computer or tablet