Creating a Light-Tracking Servo

Basic Stamp Microprocessor
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Students will synthesize the previous lesson for light metering and servo control to design a servo controlled by two photoresistors that will track a light source.

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1 hour 40 min
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Students will learn how to program the Basic Stamp to use information from two photoresistors to point a servo at a light source. This will be the first degree of freedom for the flower head.

Science Kit Material(s) Used:
Vernier Resistor Board
Other Material(s) Used:
• “Robotic Sunflower Lesson 3: Student Guide” • Photoresistor • 220 Ohm resistor • 440 Ohm resistor • 2k Ohm resistor • 10K Ohm resistor • 0.01 uF Capacitor • 5k Ohm potentiometer • Basic Stamp Homework Board • Jumper wires