Photovoltaic Solutions "Shark-Tank Style"

Solar Charger Diagram
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1. Students will use data and mathematics to design a solution for using PV technology in the transportation sector. 2. Students will create a presentation with visuals and specs outlining their proposed solution. 3. Students will present and attempt to “sell” their products to a panel of judges.

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5 hours

In this lesson, the students will take their knowledge gained in the previous activities to innovate design solutions that will allow PV technology to plan an increased role in the transportation sector. The challenge given to them is to design a BEV that maximizes the use of PV technology in a practical and scalable way. The primary goal is for the students to create a product that will allow for full replacement of fossil fuels with minimal disruption to the convenience and costs generally associated with gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. 

Other Material(s) Used:
student handout #9, tri-fold poster board, printing access (color if possible), computer and internet access, scissors, glue, etc.