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Design a 50 Year Energy Plan
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1. Students utilize their knowledge of energy’s impact on global systems as well as the process of energy generation in order to inform their development of a 50-year Energy Plan divided into decades. 

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5 hours
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With all the pieces in place, this Unit’s final lesson asks students to code a spreadsheet that calculates and mathematically predicts the environmental impacts of different energy sources and strategies over a 50 year timespan. Divided into five different decades, students input different types of energy generation systems and use this Calculator to see and measure outputs according to the evaluation rubric they self-determined in Lesson 5. Analyzing Net Power Output, Climate Impact, is incorporated into the scoring of each group’s overall Energy Plan. Using this spreadsheet tool to computationally think through many scenarios, students create their optimal idea for the future using real-life scientific skills, data analysis tools, teamwork, and knowledge gained through this Unit’s many explorations.